Chairman’s Message
“Integrity in Medicine”, which is part of the company logo reflects basic value of Medley. Medley is in the business of building brands by promoting the products ethically.
What started as a small operation as first generation enterprise with a Medley of three diverse products about 45 years back is now present in the nook & corner of India with 5 divisions in different specialties. In addition Medley products are marketed actively in 24 countries of South East Asia, Africa, Middle East, CIS and Europe.

Medley has entered into the highly regulated market with its UK MHRA approved facility and proceeding with approvals from MCC of South Africa and ANVISA of Brazil. The Company is on the verge of entering into USA market after getting due approvals from its authorities. The buzzword in Medley is innovation which benefits the ultimate consumer. Thus Medley has been able to launch many innovative products in the country for the first time; O2, Dompan, Nimsaid P, Ostium K2, Telmed AH, Nortipan are few of them. Some brands of Medley like O2, Ostium K2, R.B. Tone, Eva Q, Nortipan are leaders in the respective segments as per ORG IMS. 

Currently Medley has 3000 strong devoted employees. It has set up a Research Center in Mumbai and an API unit at Tarapur near Mumbai. Medley is proud to be a place where people of different caste, creeds, races, religions come together and work in an environment of intense competition but with dignity. We have good number of women working in the managerial positions and a woman is occupying the director position in the top management. Medley will ensure that this is maintained in the future with no gender bias in the Company. Indians from all the states of India, speaking different languages are working in Medley not only in the field but also in the factories and corporate office.

Medley is passionate in pursuing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity. Most of the programs are executed through a NGO, Sinkhai Foundation  not just by giving donations but actually participating in the entire process. In order to provide medical assistance at affordable price, the NGO has established 4 full-fledged Charitable Diagnostic Centres named “SINKHAI CHARITABLE DIAGNOSTICS”. A High School in a remote cluster of villages near Yavatmal has been constructed and managed actively. Similarly about 500 students receive scholarships in various professional education disciplines every year. The main thrust in Medley's CSR is education.