“Success is driven by Passion, Energy and Positive thinking “

“Successful Managers make happen what will not normally happen”

“It is Volition and not Motivation that leads to Performance”
Late Chairman Mr. Sami Khatib (1934 – 2014).

Born in the sleepy hamlet of Kalamb (district Yavatmal, Maharashtra State) to a well known Landowner, he was the youngest of nine siblings. He Left home at a tender age in his quest for education, that took him across towns and cities including Mumbai. His multidisciplinary academic achievements earned him the degrees of BSc, BPharm, LLB & DBM. The University of Mumbai, The Laxminarayan Institute of Technology, The Government Law College Nagpur and The Jamanalal Bajaj college of Management were among his Alma Mater.

Fresh out of college and a visionary by nature he began charting a course in the pharmaceutical industry After gathering a few years of work experience he plunged headlong as an entrepreneur into a difficult and competitive industry. In 1969, with only his ambition as seed capital, he founded a nascent enterprise that he christened “Medley Laboratories”.

Those were difficult years. The pharmaceutical industry was dominated by Multinational corporations. The business was capital intensive and financially challenging. Armed with a modest loan of ₹200,000 under the Technician- Entrepreneurs scheme of The Maharashtra State Finance Corporation, with unflinching support from his wife Mrs. Sima Khatib and driven by a determination to succeed, Mr. Sami Khatib faced and headed off several challenges to get a toehold in a tough industry. Over the years his keen business acumen, dynamic spirit and entrepreneurial capacity saw his company, now “Medley Pharmaceuticals Ltd.” grow into a sizeable entity in the industry.

Mr. Sami Khatib was quickly recognized as among the founders of the “Indian Pharmaceutical sector”. On 6th March 1991 he was awarded the Vijay Ratna by the Prime minister of India. Besides, he was invited to serve on the Drugs Advisory Committee of the Government of India during 1996 - 1999.

Mr. Sami Khatib was a keen philanthropist and devoted a considerable portion of his time and resources to fulfill his social responsibilities. His charitable trust “The Sinkhai Foundation” contributed to basic and higher education as well as to the healthcare of the economically weak sections of society.

He actively participated in managing leading educational institutions like Anjuman- I- Islam from 1987- 2012 during which he also served as its President. Besides, he served as Chairman of Maharashtra College 1998-2003, and as Chairman of Kamala Nehru College of Pharmacy, Aurangabad 1981-1987.

Mr. Sami Khatib’s mantra for success was high involvement and hard work. He fostered an inclusive and open style of management and remained in the saddle until the very end. His exemplary commitment to his endeavors, fair dealings and resolute steadfastness are his legacy for future generations to emulate.